Child-Tracking Feature: LG Reveals A Wearable Smartwatch Designed For Kids

Child-Tracking Feature: LG Reveals A Wearable Smartwatch Designed For Kids


Photo credits: LGEPR | Flickr

Tech giant LG has revealed a wearable device for children, which allows parents to track them in real time using a tablet or a smartphone.

Huge market for wearables

The Kizon pinpoints a child’s location using a GPS, Wi-Fi, and a mobile broadband connection. It then reports back to the parent over an Android app.

LG said in a statement that it aims to target the tracking device at families with pre-school and primary school children.

The device straps to the child’s wrist like a bulky watch, which only features one button on its front. When pressed, it instantly calls a pre-set number allowing a child to contact its parents.

Parental fears

The idea is somewhat brilliant for some parents, but many others have raised concerns about its security.

"A parent should never solely rely on a device alone. This will only give a false sense of security," said Peter Bradley, director of services at the charity Kidscape.

"Children still need to be taught about dangers - particularly 'stranger danger'."

The Functionality of Roller Shutters

The Functionality of Roller Shutters

Roller shuttersThere was a time when stores and commercial establishments were the only places to find roller shutters useful. Over time, people started to make use of them as garage doors. Today, even kitchens are now outfitted with them.

Most homeowners install roller shutters above windows or doors and are subsequently rolled down. They may come in manual or automated form as well. Aluminium roller shutters such as the ones available at are resistant to corrosion and general wear and tear.

While some people criticise its lack of aesthetic appeal, most agree that roller shutters ensure more functionality. Fortunately, modern roller shutters have become more appealing, as noted by

Here are some benefits that shutters can give you:


Households should always make it a point to prioritise security. Unsecured houses are prey for criminals. The biggest benefit that roller shutters can provide is security. Obviously, houses and other structures are harder to break into because it requires a great deal of effort to pry shutters open.

Insulation and ventilation

Shutters are generally made to be fully insulated. Whether the issues are with cold or heat, shutters provide homeowners with ample insulation to regulate temperature inside the house. You can regulate room ventilation this way as well.

Lighting control

Shutters offer homeowners a significant amount of lighting control. Theseallow homeowners to ensure a dark room when desired. In addition, whenever more natural lighting is needed, all you have to do is roll them up during the day.

Weather defence

When the extreme forces of nature wreak havoc upon the neighbourhood, you can have peace of mind that just by closing your shutters, glass windows and other fragile parts of your house will be amply protected while all manner of debris flail about outside during nasty storms.

In some states, shutters are actually subsidised by the government because of their inherent security benefits. Consider installing roller shutters in your home because of the many distinct advantages they bring.

Back In The US: Paul McCartney Returns To Stage, Resumes World Tour

Back In The US: Paul McCartney Returns To Stage, Resumes World Tour

Photo Credits: Fiona | Wikimedia

Photo Credits: Fiona | Wikimedia

Paul McCartney has finally returned to a concert stage in New York, several weeks after being sidelined by a virus that landed him in the hospital.

Post viral infection

“It’s great to be back,” the 72-year-old Rock icon said in a statement.

McCartney was hospitalized in Tokyo because of the viral infection, and much of his planned tour had to be cancelled or rescheduled.

The illness forced him to cancel a Japanese tour and a concert in South Korea and rescheduled a number of dates in the US before resuming his tour in Albany.

Back on the road

McCartney has opened his concert with the Beatles’ “Eight Days a Week,” and closing almost 40 songs during a three-hour performance. The concert also included tributes to his late former bandmates.

The shop even included a surprise engagement proposal when he brought a couple onstage after the woman held up a sign saying her boyfriend would not marry her until he met McCartney.

Non-Conservative Conservatory Design Ideas

Non-Conservative Conservatory Design Ideas

Conservatory rooftopA conservatory always makes a good addition to any home. Not only does it improve the home's architectural appeal, but it also increases the resale value of the property. Sometimes, planning the design of your conservatory can be hard work, especially if you don't have a natural inclination toward interior design.

For your conservatory to look fantastic and comfortable, you should do away with the usual design plans. If you want to take your design plan one step further, read the following tips below and incorporate your own ideas.

Choose an Awkward Corner

The yards at the front or at the back of the house are the places where homeowners usually build their sunrooms. If you want to be different, choose a corner in your property other these sites. You may go for an awkward corner; for instance, squeeze the conservatory into the empty space of your L-shaped home. You just have to make sure that there's enough space and your architect or interior designer can still manage to integrate important utilities.

Go Ornate

While it's safe to go minimalist and just use plain glass and frames, you always have the choice to go a bit elaborate. Your conservatory can emulate the decorative appeal of old orangeries, which usually make use of vaulted ceilings and expressive exteriors.

You may also use hardwood windows from providers such as, to emphasise wall dimensions. You need to make sure, however, that this design plan will suit the existing architecture of your home.

Use it as a Kitchen

Usually, people use their conservatories as breakfast halls and extra sitting rooms. But if you want it to be fully utilitarian without losing its appeal, you may choose to use it as a kitchen. You can even put up a mini vegetable garden.

Add an Indoor Pool

If you have a sizeable extension, you can build a mini pool inside the conservatory. Put it in the centre of the hall and complement it with plants that you can grow in small pots. Install recessed lighting on the floor and the ceiling for an elegant feel during night-time.

There are still other nonconventional ways to make your conservatory more appealing. To make sure that your design plans are carried out successfully, work with a reliable contractor.

3 Common SEO Mistakes that can Affect Your Business

3 Common SEO Mistakes that can Affect Your Business

reliable seo servicesEvery industry, especially small businesses, understands the importance of integrating SEO in their management plan. It is essential that the professionals you hire are highly qualified and competitive to yield the best results possible. There will be times, however, when these experts would commit mistakes that can significantly affect the business.

Overlooking New Content Posts

Small businesses find it difficult to maintain different content platforms or come up with ideas on updating their webpage. To increase organic search rankings, upload fresh content consistently.

Many companies know the importance of full attention from SEO companies. According to SEO Reseller Program, “All our partners get our full attention as soon as they sign up. We make sure to keep campaigns running smoothly and keep an open line of communication with each partner by assigning dedicated account managers to them.”

Duplicating Posts

Constant updates are important, but not to the extent of re-posting contents just for the sake of posting something. Well-written and informative content is the key to have a premier SEO-optimized website. Small companies, though, may not have enough resources to sustain their production, which forces them to duplicate other content. It may increase the size of the page and the number of optimized sections, but it may result in a poor user experience on the site.

Disregarding Social Networking Sites

Inbound marketing is now the trend, and one of the top platforms for gaining traffic leads is through social media networks. Many small businesses tend to ignore the benefits of using new media, thinking these are perky or too vague to measure properly. Failing to utilize social media, however, will greatly affect your business as these networks provide key opportunities.

SEO strategies are a big boost to your business, but you have to keen in selecting the right agency to assist you in reaching your goals. Always choose well-experienced professionals to maximize the potential of the industry.

Long-Term Success: Keeping Your Business Alive for a Long Time

Long-Term Success: Keeping Your Business Alive for a Long Time

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are about 2,079,666 actively trading businesses in the country as of June 2013. Reaching the two million mark looks okay at first, but the numbers actually decreased to 2.9%. This means that around 61,614 businesses are either gone or going down. If you don't want to be part of them, it's time to start planning for your business's long-term goals.

Professional Expertise

BuildingsEven if you're the head of the business, you have to admit that you can't do everything yourself. You need the help of professionals, like an accountant, to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Businesses can achieve a profitable cash flow through a comprehensive business diagnosis, according to If you don't ask for their expertise, you won't know which areas your business needs attention.

Employee Retention

A company with a high turnover rate needs to adjust accordingly to the changes in their operations. This can lead to more errors, though, as new employees who have no or less experience haven't adjusted completely to their jobs yet. In some cases, such errors can start the downfall of your business. If you've found the right employee, treat them with care by paying the right salary and giving benefits they deserve. This way, you can keep your company's best talents and strive for a common goal.

The Right Track

According to a research published on the Journal of Organizational Behaviour, researchers Thomas Bateman and Bruce Barry noted that self-regulation or the ability to control your emotions and impulses is among the factors that can help achieve long-term goals. It motivates you to move forward and reach your goals regardless of what will happen.

If you care about the future of your business, then setting a long-term goal is beneficial. Apart from identifying it, you should also make an effort to achieve it to make your operations last.

The Dos and Don’ts of Home Renovation

The Dos and Don’ts of Home Renovation

Home renovations can be simple home improvements to major remodelling jobs. They can make your home more comfortable, increase resale value, and reduce maintenance and utility costs.

Before you indulge your creativity and come up with innovative ideas for Perth home improvement, here are the dos and don'ts when it comes to these projects:

Essential Dos

Renovating the kitchenHave an emergency fund ready. Renovation costs have a tendency to exceed planned budgets. This is especially true when homeowners constantly add ideas and supplementary designs to original renovation plans.

While staying in a house that is being renovated can indeed save money, it is not necessarily a good idea. Homes that are being renovated tend to be messy and stressful. In addition, you may get in the way of contractors and keep them from accomplishing their work.

Know your limitations. While going for a very different look may be a good idea, keep your existing house design in mind. Unless you are aiming for a total renovation, adding a serene country style garden may not work well with your original ultra-modern house design.

Essential Don'ts

Do not start renovations until you have created a plan or a general idea on what you want to do. The most common mistake that homeowners make is to act on impulse simply because they feel the need for change. The result, more often than not, is a never-ending list of alterations to your renovation. This is probably most common mistake made by homeowners during the renovation process.

Do not veer away from your plans. While it may be inevitably to change your mind occasionally during the renovation process, it is important to steer the course of renovation in a general direction. This way, you will not end up with a chaotic mess.

Do not try to salvage everything. Some structural aspects of houses are better off knocked down and rebuilt from the ground up rather than renovated. Listen to your contractor and be open to their recommendations.

Well-planned home renovations provide owners with a change of scenery. Consider these tips and you can turn your old house into the cosiest part of the block.

Study: Orcas Threatened By Vessels, Pollution, Lack Of Food

Study: Orcas Threatened By Vessels, Pollution, Lack Of Food

orcaThreatened by low food supply, vessel noise, and pollution, orcas living in Puget Sound are now only around 80, according to the new results from the 10-year study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The pollution has greatly affected the orcas that they are now included in the list of the most contaminated marine mammals.

Significant Decrease in Numbers

The report revealed the mysterious lives of the small population of the endangered killer whales.

According to the report, the number of those whales left living off Puget Sound significantly decreased from 98 in 1995 to 80 this year.

With the new findings, researchers now know which fish the orcas prefer to eat, how they interact, and why their population has decreased. They found out that the whale’s main food source is the Chinook Salmon, which is another endangered specie. This might result in lack of food source for the orcas in the future.

According to the report, orcas also communicated differently and would stop foraging for food when they are being followed by vessels, according to Lynne Barre, NOAA Fisheries’ District Chief in Seattle.

Threat Solutions

NOAA said some of the solutions they are planning to implement include adopting plans for the mammals during oil spills and limiting the allowed distance vessels may sail to them.

Pit Stop Repairs: Essential Tools NASCAR Pit Crew Members Should Have

Pit Stop Repairs: Essential Tools NASCAR Pit Crew Members Should Have

In a NASCAR race, every second counts. When you're a pit crewmember, you should be able to anticipate the needs of your team's car even before it reaches the pit stop. Sounds difficult? Not when you have the right tools to help you monitor and repair damages in a flash.

Here are some essential tools you need during a race:

NASCAR Pit LanePitbox

The size of your pitbox won't matter if it doesn't have the right devices to monitor the racecar. A conventional box often has two satellite receivers and a few flat screen monitors. The monitors allow the team to get a closer look at the car, anticipate, and identify problems before the driver heads to the pit stop. Some boxes also have computers that track the car's performance.


Tire problems are common during a racing event. You may have to change tires several times in one race. To make it easier and faster for the crew, you need to have lightweight jacks. There are special types of jacks for NASCARS that can lift a car in a single pump.

Bolting Systems, Impact Wrench, and Tool holders

During a race, your team should have tools that will help you switch tires quickly and secure nuts and bolts. To save time, recommends a variety of automotive apparatuses, such as tool holders, impact wrenches and bolting systems. Having the right set of tools ensures that your racecar is in perfect condition to continue with the race when it leaves the pit stop.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is your best friend, especially during races. When you don't have time to repair loose wires and hanging panels, use duct tape as a quick fix. Furthermore, it can keep the engine performing at its peak efficiency level, as it can redirect airflow to different parts of the grille when you need to.

Being a NASCAR pit crewmember is fun and exciting. Help your team win races by knowing what to do and use when your racecar pulls over for a quick repair.

Sports Betting Strategies for Beginners: A Guide to a Winnable Bet

Sports Betting Strategies for Beginners: A Guide to a Winnable Bet

Most people bet on games to make them more exciting, while others bet on sports to earn money. Many professional bettors make a good living out of sports betting. If you're one lucky lad, you can profit from this activity in no time.

If you're new to sports betting, below are some basic strategies to win:

Read up on sports newsDo Your Research

Before you place your bet, do your homework first. Going with your hunch doesn't work all the time. If you want to earn money from sports betting, you need to study the game. Find trends, look at the statistics and analyse past games to make sure you have value in your choice before you place your wager.

Shop for the Best Lines

According to Free Bet Deals, it's important to connect with licensed bookmakers that offer many different sign-up bonuses to make online betting safer and easier. Open an account from different online sportsbooks. When you're ready to place your bet on the outcome or a particular team, check those sportsbooks and find the one that offers the best line for you.

Manage Your Money Accordingly

Before you bet, set a budget limit and stick to it. In other words, use only the money you can afford to lose. Your profit target amount should also be reasonable. Don't ever borrow money just so you could gamble. You might regret it in the end. In addition, you should also establish an exclusive fund for your sports betting known as the 'bankroll'.

Don't Bet on Sports under the Influence

Don't drink when you bet. Alcohol can impair your judgement. So, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages if you really want to be a winning sports bettor.

Never Let Your Emotions Get the Best of You

Don't make any decisions at the height of your emotion. If you're upset or angry at something, you're more likely to make a bad move. Get your mind clear and take a break. If you're still mad, don't place anymore bets.

Betting is a fun activity, but making money out of it can be tough. Make sure to know the basic strategies before you try it.