3 Bad Effects of Chemical and Oil Spills on the Environment

3 Bad Effects of Chemical and Oil Spills on the Environment

chemical and oil spillThe vast ecosystems and marine life work together to provide a balance in the environment. However, due to pollution, the imbalance has taken a toll on our surroundings, including the plants and animals.

Every year, there are thousands of chemical and oil spills in the coastal waters of the country.

The oil spills range from tiny collisions to massive spills. When there is a release of oils and chemicals on land or in the waters, these substances contaminate the resources that are important in the food chain.

The spills can wreak havoc on the environment as well as the habitat, the animals, plants and humans, too, and these have many bad effects on the environment.

Negatively Affect Marine Life

The release of chemicals and oils into the coastal waterways is a big predicament. These substances can kill marine animals, contaminate the important resources in the food chain and destroy habitats.

Some toxic chemicals so not break down easily, moving up through the food chain.

As a result, these chemicals build up in the tissues of small organisms and marine animals. When bigger fishes eat the tiny organisms, they can also harm marine mammals and even humans.

Chemical Spills Can Damage Farmlands

Some chemicals may affect the environment, particularly farmlands and water resources. When these chemicals contaminate the land, it may lead to toxicity not only in plants and animals but also among humans who consume crops.

Some people use spill control kits to help control chemical spills and reduce the risk of damage to the soil, water, animals and plants.

Chemical and Oil Spills Can Contaminate Water

Water is vital for survival for all living things. When there is no water, death is inevitable. In some cases, when there is a chemical spill, water resources are affected. The bad thing is, clean water and drinking water are contaminated. This may lead to various bad health effects to animals and humans alike.

Chemical and oil spills have many bad effects on the environment. If these are not controlled, it can seriously affect human, animal and botanical life.

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