3 Common SEO Mistakes You Must STOP Doing

3 Common SEO Mistakes You Must STOP Doing

a digital marketer using his laptopA lot has changed since SEO (search engine optimization) was first introduced. The practice itself is dynamic and continuously progressing, which is why the strategies involved may have changed over the years. There might be methods that are no longer as effective and useful as before.

To give you a brief refresher on this matter, SEO Werkz cites the most common SEO practices you must avoid:

Pure Content with No Keywords

Content is still important on searches today. However, not properly targeting your market could be your campaign's greatest downfall. If you want to become more visible and relevant to your target audience, you need to know how to integrate related keywords into your content. In addition, try using different content formats to make it more user-friendly.

Having Too Many Keywords

As there's an emphasis on the importance of keywords, stuffing your website with so many of these can also hurt your strategy. A trusted SEO company in Utah said that Google's algorithm has become smarter and it could easily detect if you're going overboard on the recommended 2% to 3% density. Don't try to hide it either because search engines could easily detect it, which may lead to your site being penalized.

Submitting Content on Low-Quality Sites

Automated and bulk link submissions used to work in the past, but that's no longer the case today. In fact, Google has become stricter when it comes to tracking which sources are considered spammy or not.

The search engines are reeling to users' organic activities, so they give more value to natural links. If you're still submitting content to spammy or network of sites with the same interface, it's time to stop it. Otherwise, you'll go out of rankings in no time.

The world of SEO is continuously evolving. What you consider acceptable before can be your campaign's downfall. That's why it's important to stay updated on the latest developments and news in the field.

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