4 Clever Tips to Optimize Your Business Website Overnight

4 Clever Tips to Optimize Your Business Website Overnight

online marketing digital conceptHow seriously are you taking online marketing in your company? Given that more than half of all consumers go online to search for businesses before committing to purchases, now’s the time to optimize your website.

There are numerous simple ways to ensure your site shows up on top of online searches. Here are four of them.

1. Use high-quality videos.

A few, creative videos can immediately transform a drab website into a vibrant, interactive one. Since search engines love great video clips, you can be assured of a high ranking.

Work with one of the top video production companies in Denver to come up with content that is riveting and focused. Use many video sharing sites to drive more traffic to your main site.

2. Keep doing keyword research.

At the heart of all SEO is keyword research. It’s crucial to understand the current search landscape. You need to know how to create relevant content.

This is especially important when you are about to launch your online marketing campaign. But that’s not where it ends. Keep reevaluating the keywords, so you stay up to date.

3. Prioritize speed.

Currently, search engines are penalizing slow websites. While it’s a great idea to keep posting fresh and relevant content on your website, be careful that doing so doesn’t slow down your business site. Take down old content from your website, and veer away from posting too many photos and videos.

4. Update page titles.

Take a look at your current page titles and ask yourself if you have optimized them or not. Most times, you’ll find that they aren’t unless you created them with keywords in mind. If that’s case, then change them to include your top keyword. Clients use keywords when searching for products and services.

Your website is your best opportunity to land more clients online, so you need to give it the attention it deserves. By optimizing it, you can drive more traffic to the site and make more sales.

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