4 Signs of High-Quality Preschool Education Programs

4 Signs of High-Quality Preschool Education Programs

two girls at preschoolResearch shows that having a strong preschool education program significantly contributes to a successful academic future. Sunrisepreschools.com knows that there are a lot of options when it comes to types and forms of preschool programs that finding the right fit is getting harder to accomplish.

What should parents look out for in a preschool education program? Phoenix has a number of these programs. Which of them is the best choice?

1. Teaching with a purpose

Good teaching always comes with a purpose. The best teachers would know exactly how an activity should go and what the students will gain from it.

Building something out of wooden blocks already teaches some physics and understanding of spaces. Called spontaneous development, kids learn to be intuitive and creative, and in the process learn its science.

2. Right classroom environment

The ideal preschool classroom should have an open floor plan, low shelves, tables, chairs, and a specialized bathroom. The room must be clean and safe.

Potentially dangerous features and materials, such as paint, edges, and electrical sockets should be well-secured. Books and toys should be easily accessible for kids. Kids should not have to interrupt a teacher to ask for toys. Maximizing time to teach is a must.

3. Play with learning

Apart from reading and math, time for play is important in a child's social development. The best preschools use both. But note that not all play is "pure" play, which helps develop motor skills. Some instill literacy and math in play.

Imaginative play allows kids to make pretend to improve behavioral and collaborative skills. An art wall, costume corner, and climbing structures are typically used in plays that improve kids' skills.

4. Alignment with home values

A preschool must also align the handling of social and emotional issues with how they deal with them at home. Consistency is key in preschool kids.

A preschool knows how to make kids feel at home, treating every classmate equally. The existence of home values in preschool also teaches kids the importance of family and friendship.

Preschool age children must receive support like any parent or home would. They must be in an environment that teaches them to be good learners and be effective members of society in the future.

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