A Family Guide to Traveling to Albuquerque

A Family Guide to Traveling to Albuquerque

kid splashing into poolTravel experiences are among the most precious gifts you can give to your children. A study by the San Francisco State University supports this, saying that people who spend money on experiences rather than material things feel happier.

Here are three awesome things to do if you ever find yourself and your family in Albuquerque searching for experiences that you will all treasure for a lifetime.

Wade in the water.

The water brings a whole lot of joy to children and adults alike. Visiting a water park in Albuquerque guarantees that everyone in the family gets loads of fun. You can go to Cliff's Amusement Park, which offers an extensive array of theme park rides that are sure to keep your whole family entertained.

Cross the Musical Highway.

Who says that driving along the highway should be boring? On this quarter-mile section of Route 66, travelers can listen to “America the Beautiful” while on the road. The catch? The tune only plays if the driver sticks to the 45-mph speed limit. The rumble strips responsible for the melody were placed at precise distances to produce the notes necessary for the signature tune.

Learn new things in The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History.

A museum is always a wise destination, especially if you are traveling with children. Museums offer a lot of experiential learning and are good places to bond with your kids. You will both leave with new learning and precious memories after you visit the many exhibits in the museum including Nuclear Medicine, Atomic Pop Culture, and Little Albert’s Lab, among others.

Experience the joy of travel and create beautiful memories with your family. Consider these three things when you visit Albuquerque, and you are set to have one epic family trip.

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