Acne Anxiety: Should You Pop a Pimple?

Acne Anxiety: Should You Pop a Pimple?

Woman with acne looking at the mirrorThere's often this irresistible urge to pop a plump, bulging pimple, especially when it crops up at the most important days of your life—the morning of a job interview or before your first date. But the question is: Should you do it?

The Anatomy of a Pimple

Pimples contain bacteria, oil, and debris. As skin doctors in Salem explain, when you pierce through that and break the covering, all the nasty stuff bursts out, most likely landing on other pores. That explains why after popping a pimple, you notice days after that you have another.

Moreover, you could be pressing the bacteria deeper into the skin. Nudging, plucking, squeezing, and doing these things repeatedly don’t help in relieving the problem. Not to mention the fact that you’re exposing the skin to bacteria in your fingers. This leads to more swelling and redness.

The best thing to do is to keep your hands off your face. Usually, zits heal naturally in a week. If you're successful though at popping it out, chances are it will leave scars.

The Proper Way to Pop a Pimple

The right way to pop a pimple is done by a professional. When you go for treatment, experts would use gloves and puncture it with a disinfected needle, getting rid of the contents with a comedone extractor. They apply a specific incision technique to prevent scarring.

Note that there are other ways to remove pimples. Some dermatologists prescribe oral medications, while others recommend laser surgery or chemical peels. The type of treatment, of course, depends on your health condition and your skin goals.

As much as you want to pierce through that bulging pimple, don’t do it. Let it heal naturally. Or, leave it to the skin experts.

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