Amazing Rare Coin Find That Can Earn You Oodles of Cash

Amazing Rare Coin Find That Can Earn You Oodles of Cash

Rare Silver Coins in Derbyshire Rare British coins are often sought after by collectors and, in some cases by museums, because of their age and peculiar qualities. Such coin finds can bring anywhere from an extra cash to a fortune.

Have you heard or read stories of people moving into a flat and finding a box or small chest of rare British coins? They happen almost every other year, families moving into a new home and while cleaning the basement or attic, they stumble upon a piece of British history or a small container of rare coins. What’s more, these remarkable finds often bring them a substantial financial windfall.

Do all rare British coins have exceptionally high value?

Often times, price determination depends on several factors. These include the year the coins were minted, its mint mark, the face value, silver content and weight, its current state, and how many of such coins were produced. Atkinsons Bullion notes that rare British silver coins like the Kew Gardens 50p can fetch up to £120.

Peculiar Aspects

Unusual features of a coin also have the tendency of increasing its value. Take for instance the rare two pence silver coin which was discovered by a hospital worker while sorting through some donations. According to the Daily express, the coin with the inscription “new pence” was auctioned off by the hospital and sold at an amazing price of £802.03!

Error has Historical Basis

Although coin mistakes have the tendency to increase the value of such coins, these peculiarities must be the result of an error, omission or overzealousness on the part of the minting personnel and not some deliberate attempt by a fraudster to make the coin appear as rare. This means that official historical documents should support the event that resulted in the coin error.

What to do when you find one?

If you believe that you have stumbled upon a rare coin, or a box full of them, you might want to consult a rare coin expert to give you proper advice. For all you know, you might be holding a treasure in your hand, such as the ten 12th century coins that BBC reported were found in Derbyshire in 2014.

Rare qualities of a coin make its value higher than what appears on its face. It could be errors in mint that made it rare or mainly because they represent a piece of British medieval history, making it more valuable in the eyes of many. Whatever the case may be, these types of coins can earn you lots of money and who knows, also make you a part of British history as the person who stumbled upon the rare find.

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