Back-Office Functions You Should Really Consider Outsourcing

Back-Office Functions You Should Really Consider Outsourcing

Finger touching a virtual screen showing the word outsourcingHow a company managed all its departments and functions under one roof – or at least within one supervised network owned by the business – was one measure of the company’s success. That was before the 90s came rolling in and brought with them the possibility of entrusting several business functions to the capable hands of business process outsourcing (BPO) companies.

These days, almost every major company in the Western world uses a BPO for a variety of reasons. The BPO might be onshore or offshore, but the functions remain the same – to assist a company of whatever size perform specific processes, thereby freeing up the client company’s leaders and staff to focus on other core aspects of their business.

The back-office is an area of business that has benefited largely from the presence of these BPOs. Some of the back-office functions you may want to consider delegating to an onshore or offshore provider are listed below.

Marketing, customer service and related functions

You’re probably familiar with how huge retail companies handle their order-taking and customer assistance through contact centers. With the help of these contact centers, business is open 365/24/7. Imagine how much revenue you could be losing if you were the only one who didn’t have that kind of availability? It’s a worldwide market now, and you cannot afford to be open only for one segment of your market – the one within your time zone – if you want to succeed in this highly competitive industry. Order-taking contact centers are only a portion of the BPO-handled processes for many businesses. There are public relations, customer engagement through social media, and several others.

Financial functions

Who wants to worry about bookkeeping, accounting and other back-office financial functions? Financial services outsourcing by providers like Consero Global LLC has grown by leaps and bounds, as soon as Fortune 500 companies began using it to help them grow. You don’t have to hire an entire department of accountants and finance pros to handle this part of your company. Professional providers are capable, scaleable, and instantly accessible.

Staffing functions

Do you like vetting the candidates for rank-and-file positions? What if your company had to interview a hundred applicants a day? Wouldn’t it be easier if all of the background checks were already performed by HR professionals that don’t even have a desk in your office? Screening, hiring, managing employee benefits and leave credits, etc. – these are only some of the functions a company halfway around the world can do for you, and for much less money than an in-house department.

These are only three of the most outsourced back-office functions. You may be able to think of a few more. Keep in mind that if you need a support department for a process, outsourcing might be an option; it’s quicker, easier, and more affordable.

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