Badger Shaving Brushes: Know the Different Types

Badger Shaving Brushes: Know the Different Types

Man getting beard shavenOne of the crucial tools of a successful barber shop is a shaving brush. It helps you exfoliate the client’s skin and adequately lift and soften his stubble to get the closest and most comfortable shave. The shaving brush also enables you to create a more luxurious lather than one created by hand.

Several factors should guide your shaving brush choice when looking around a barber shop equipment store. One of these is the type of bristle and badger bristles are the most common types available. Here are the various types of badger shaving brushes:

Pure badger

This is the most common and least expensive badger shaving brush made from hair from a badger’s underbelly. A pure badger shaving brush initially has a coarse texture beneficial for exfoliating skin and lifting the client’s beard. It also agitates soap and builds lather better than other shaving brushes. Black badger is a variety of pure badger brush with an overall stiffness and made of the darkest hairs.

Super badger

This brush is made of hair from the badger’s back and has little or no scratchiness. Super badger brushes are soft and dense with a more luxurious feel compared to the pure badger variety. They also hold in water and lather better compared to pure badger brushes but are more expensive.

Silvertip badger 

These are the highest-grade badger shaving brushes. They are made from hair from a badger’s neck. Silvertip shaving brushes are extremely delicate and need utmost care to keep their hairs from breaking. These brushes are slightly better than super badgers in water absorption and building of lather. Silvertip brushes are the softest and gentlest among the badger shaving brush varieties but also the most expensive.

A badger shaving brush is among the best quality ones. Proper care is essential for its longevity. Wash your brush with warm soapy water and let it dry with its bristles facing down to avoid damaging the handle.

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