Base Your Marketing on these Two Consumer Behaviours

Base Your Marketing on these Two Consumer Behaviours

two asian men thinking of marketing strategiesOnline marketing in Singapore alone rapidly evolves; how much more in the rest of Southeast Asia. These rapid changes, that stem from the swift advancement of digital technology, bring with them the rendering of a one-size-fits-all strategy obsolete. Small businesses such as yours will have to adapt to the wants and needs of markets that you target. In fact, a majority, 78 per cent, of consumers will be more attracted to your brand when you personalise content.

Consumers Value Personalisation

To deliver personalised content then, you have to know what your target markets want out of brands. You have to understand how best to reach your target markets. You also have to understand their behaviour online. When you know the previous details, you can efficiently produce content that effectively leads to conversions and sales. Here are some that you can use.

Turn Towards Mobile

Even here in Asia, consumers have shifted increasingly towards mobile usage when accessing the Internet. As of November 2017, the mobile worldwide market share takes up as much as 50.02 per cent. Desktops and computers, in contrast, sit at 45.68 per cent.

You can ride this trend then by making sure your website is optimised for mobile devices. You can also focus more on mobile advertisements whether video, search, or display.

Get Involved in Charity

Aside from an increasing dependency on mobile usage, consumers today have also set their eyes on brands that care about noble causes. 76 per cent of millennial consumers believe that businesses can make positive changes in the world. You can leverage that belief by getting involved in charity or social work.

Your efforts can then be used for your brand development and even for your marketing. When your target market sees your compassion, they will place more trust in your company for products or services they need.

With the two consumer behaviours above and the help of an online marketing company in Singapore, you can easily develop your small business’ marketing strategy for optimum efficiency.

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