Buzz for the Biz: Maximizing the Power of Video in Your Next Event

Buzz for the Biz: Maximizing the Power of Video in Your Next Event

Man Working on His Video CameraThere’s no doubt about it, video content is king. It’s a material businesses can’t afford not to have. New brands keep popping up, so the pressure to stay relevant is high. In Colorado, for example, launching a start-up business has gotten a lot easier with the introduction of MyBizColorado.

More people will be inclined to do business in this western state. So the challenge for companies is now a notch higher: how do you sustain the buzz about your business? The answer most firms turn to? Video.

Video, in its interactive feature, pulls people in as it tells a story in moving pictures. It shows, rather than tells. It’s the reason cat videos are one of the most popular content on the internet. But while videos are popular on the digital media, there’s also power not yet maximized when they’re used in events.

Below are some of the ways you can leverage video on your next event. Make sure you take this into consideration when planning for event production; Denver Co video specialists such as One Floor Up can help you with this.

Produce a Same-Day Edit Video

Film behind-the-scenes footage. Tech crew setting up? Speakers going through their notes? Put that on the camera. People love to see what they were not able to see. Of course, make sure that you catch the highlights of the events as well.

If you’re having a conference, you should feature quotable quotes from the speakers on the video.

Install a Video Booth

Photo booths are a thing of the past. What’s in now is video booths. This will instantly make your event memorable for attendees. For conferences, you may want to put the video booths near the registration and have attendees record what they’re most excited about in the talks.

You can use this content and repurpose it as part of your post-publicity.

Livestream Your Event

Facebook live is not just an option for events. It’s almost always a necessity - and for a good reason. Facebook live lets you broadcast in real time what’s happening in your event. For those who want to attend your conference, and are not able to, they’ll be able to get updates from your Facebook live video.

Of course, be strategic in what to livestream and what not to, especially when your conference has fees.

Keeping the buzz about your business is more challenging than ever with the cutthroat competition. Maximize the power of video at your next event.

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