Choosing Between a Softshell and a Hardshell Jacket

Choosing Between a Softshell and a Hardshell Jacket

Jackets displayed on a store rackWhen the temperature drops and the cold wind blows, people start wearing jackets of all kinds. Some wear a hooded jacket in line with their fashion style or to make a fashion statement while others are more comfortable with waterproof jackets and long coats that could keep them warm and protect them from the unpredictable weather. Although there are jackets that can be worn for specific weather conditions, there are also compromises to be made when you choose one over another.

Hardshell vs softshell jackets

Today’s technology has created segments for jackets. There are now the so-called hardshell and softshell jackets. Strictly speaking, hardshell jackets provide absolute protection against the rain and wind. It’s the kind of jacket you would wear in a storm, with strong winds and heavy rains, and you are cowering in a makeshift shelter. 

A softshell jacket, on the other hand, is something that you would wear in the woods while walking in the rain and with some wind. You would be sweating from the activity, and the perspiration would not pool inside the jacket. You can climb, go trekking, or do some aerobic exercise while wearing a softshell jacket.

Getting comfortable

Cinch clothing, including softshell jackets, is made with sensible materials and conditions in mind. It may not be fully waterproof or windproof, but you would be warm and still be fully mobile. If you are going on a canyoneering or mountaineering trip, for instance, your best alternatives will be cinch clothing from shops such as A.A. Callister. Their cinch clothing samples are breathable and non-restricting. You would still be able to perform to your abilities and not get into a pool of sweat inside your jacket.

Softshell jackets are designed for activities where the user’s heart rate is high, and the weather is variable. Other activities where softshell shines include backpacking, running, cycling and ski touring.

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