Creative Package Design Ideas That’ll Boost Your Advertising Efforts

Creative Package Design Ideas That’ll Boost Your Advertising Efforts

Different colors for design packagingAdvertising makes up a significant chunk of a business’ marketing efforts. Although most companies are spending millions on digital and print advertising, there's a vital part of advertising they're forgetting. That is their product package design.

The packaging is the first thing that clients will notice on store shelves. You should, therefore, spare no expense in hiring the best ad agency to advise you on how to make an excellent first impression with your package design.

Red Rider Creative and other industry experts suggest some creative ideas for your package design.

Opt for Minimalist and Bold Designs

Uncluttered and clean packages are the latest trend. The thought behind a minimalist and bold package design is to elevate your product above its packaging. Your package, in this case, should highlight your product’s most essential features. In a busy and fast-paced world, these packages fly off the shelf since a consumer only takes a few seconds to learn the highlights of your product and make up their mind.

Repeat Bold Patterns

Patterns have an integral place in the creation of unique designs. Repeating certain patterns on your package — more so if they're meaningful to your brand — transmits a strong brand message. The repetition also helps in making your brand memorable to customers. Repeating bold patterns might seem straightforward, but you need a professional hand to come up with a dynamic design.

Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging

A growing number of customers in today’s world are environmentally conscious. Use biodegradable and recyclable materials to package your products to appeal to a broad market. These materials include paper boards, cornstarch, bubble wrap and biodegradable plastics.

Over a third of consumers base their purchase decision on the packaging. A design that stands out is, therefore, crucial in making sales. In this era of social media, a creative package will also get your digital market talking, earn your brand social media shares, and significantly boost your sales.

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