Custom Lanyards Play a Key Role in a Business Promotion Strategy

Lanyards of different colours and designsEffective business promotion is essential to the success of any organisation. It helps you communicate with your target audience, making them more aware of the products and services that you have to offer.

Not to be confused with advertising which directly promotes product or service, promotion is the general term including the different ways for your business to leave a mark on the target audience. Organisations often include trades shows and exhibitions, charity events, social media and the good old flyers in their business promotion strategy.

Some organisations overlook the role of custom lanyards in an effective strategy. The product improves brand identity, brand awareness and networking opportunities. It also builds customer loyalty.

Stronger Brand Identity

Custom lanyards look great. They give your organisation a unified front whether you require uniforms or a simple dress code. As such, they make a professional first impression on your target audience.

The product does not stop at making your team look more united and professional, though. It has the ability to strengthen your brand identity as well.

The good thing about product customisation is that you have full control over which business factors to include—logo, slogans and official colours, to name a few. You may choose which factors will appear on a lanyard that catches attention and, more importantly, immediately gives your target audience an inkling of what your brand is all about.

Amplified Brand Awareness

Having established that custom lanyards strengthen brand identity, it’s safe to say that they increase general brand awareness as well. Once you’ve determined how you want both employees and target audience to feel about the organisation, you’ll feel more confident about presenting your brand to the public.

A custom lanyard is effective in presenting your brand subtly yet steadily. Unlike TV commercials and social media ads that last for a few seconds, a lanyard is wearable anywhere at any given time. With it, your brand leaves a subtle mark on your target audience without overwhelming them.

More Networking Opportunities

Whether you’re waiting in line for coffee or manning a booth in a trade show, people will surely notice a well-designed custom lanyard. It’s a great conversation starter that enables you to network with potential customers and partners, telling them all about your business.

Wearing a well-designed custom lanyard does not only catch attention, though. They also let the public know that you take pride in your organisation—and this is what will get them even more curious about the brand.

Increased Brand Loyalty

You and your employees are not the only ones who can wear the organisation’s custom lanyards. If the budget allows it, you may produce more to give out to your valued customers. This move enables them to feel as if they’re truly a part of your brand’s growth and development.

Remember: great customer service attracts more customers but it’s the perks that keep them coming back.

Business promotion may be tricky—you have to look at every possible angle before investing in promotional materials that give you your money’s worth. As such, include custom lanyards in your strategy. They’re an effective way of putting your brand out there without shelling out too much money.

Our in-house graphic design team help you come up with a stellar lanyard design that reflects your brand identity. We’ll then print your custom lanyards with a price beat guarantee. Enquire about a sample design or free mock-up today.

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