Diamond Cuts and Their Meanings

Diamond Cuts and Their Meanings

Diamond held within tweezersA diamond is a girl’s best friend, and this is probably why most engagement and wedding rings have it as a stone. When you go decide to look for a quality diamond for an engagement ring, however, The Diamond Family reminds to take into account what the shape is since these represent a meaning. As you're giving it to the love of your life, you'd want to choose a cut that can best depict their personality or whatever meaning you want to convey.

If you aren’t familiar with the meanings of these shapes, here's a list to help you:


Round shapes are one of the most frequently used shapes. It's meant to symbolize a similar meaning to wedding bands, as it's a circle that means a love without end. This shape is best to give a person who enjoys traditional romance and would be more on the conservative side.


This shape is becoming more well-known and loved, as it shows off a traditional style while still holding a modern edge. This is great for someone who likes to hold on to more traditional things, while still open to changes in life.


This is a rather old and timeless shape. The way that the heart is cut allows for maximum sparkle effect from its properly proportioned sides. It stands for devotion and the wearer would be a rather sentimental person who enjoys dreaming and reminiscing.


Oval is the perfect shape for a woman who is elegant and appreciates sophistication yet wishes to remain a bit different from others. It holds a similar meaning to the round shape, which can mean that it also indicates everlasting love.

Whatever piece of jewelry you give, make sure it comes with a lot of thought and passion. If you're still feeling a bit stumped about what kind of ring to get, you can ask some jewelers.

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