Different Kinds of Cowboy Boots for Men

Different Kinds of Cowboy Boots for Men

Fashionable bootsThere are many factors you will need to consider when buying men’s cowboy boots online. The leather type, sole size, your toe shape, as well as the height of the boot are just some of them. Another essential thing to remember is the occasion to which you are going with the boot.

Some of the boot types based on occasion and personal preference are the following.

Riding boot

Also known as Western riding boots, they make them in such a way that you can change its sole if it is worn out. They are comfortable enough for riding with enough toe room to avoid unnecessary pressure on your feet. The heel is spacious enough for almost all activities, walking included.

The sole of a riding boot is slightly higher than the toe to protect the feet from the hardships in ranches.

Fashion boot

These are for those who want to stand out. They are available in different colors and shapes. Fashion boots are not for heavy riding or walking; they are just a fashion statement. The heels are slightly higher, and they are of exotic leather.

Ropers boot

They are strictly a working type of boots. They have lower heels and are shorter than other types of boots. Their heel is wider to give a rider better ability to dismantle.

Custom boots

These are from different skins. The working custom bot is made of leather, but other materials such as lizard, alligator, elephant, and snake skins are used to make a custom boot. They express the style and identity of a person.

Always remember your fashion style. Buy a boot that will match your kind of shirts and trousers or hats if any. Go for a heel size that is comfortable and give you better balance and traction.

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