Engagement Ring Styles: What’s “In” This 2018?

Engagement Ring Styles: What’s “In” This 2018?

Close up image of a diamond-studded engagement ringThe classics will always have a place on top shelves, but trends this year will not disappoint those who crave the unexpected. If you’re planning to purchase a diamond ring from supplier such as Utah's AAA Jewelers, here’s a little guide to new trends in bridal jewelry this 2018.

“Anything Goes”

This year’s motto revolves on stone cuts that were once considered as unusual for bridal jewelry, such as pear shapes, marquise, and trillion. Clients are becoming more adventurous when it comes to their choices, as new stone types like the gray diamond emerge as a trend.

Portrait-cut diamonds are also increasing in popularity, as well as rose-cut stones and geometric silhouettes. Shops are seeing more people get interested in mixed metals, tinted stones, and vintage rings.

A Reflection of Yourself

With the plethora of customization options, there’s plenty of opportunities to create a ring that truly speaks for yourself. As opposed to tradition, engagement rings are shifting toward craftsmanship and uniqueness.

When you are picking something that is personal to you, something that no one else has, it will remain a sound ring choice.

Unexpected Change

It’s okay to go crazy and be bold with your ring. If you think your taste will change several years down the road, you have options because resetting rings is now a thing.

Redesigning the engagement ring is something most couples want when they reach a milestone, whether it’s their 5th- or 10th-year anniversary. If you’ve picked out various bands and stacked them together, you can still reset it to look classic and traditional when you feel like it.

When it comes to engagement rings, modern brides-to-be have started showing a sharp eye for the avant-garde—unique settings, colorful stones, unusual shapes, and so forth. With this new freedom, 2018 is proving to be a wonderful time to express your individuality.

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