Essential HTML Tags to Beat Competitors

Essential HTML Tags to Beat Competitors

Man coding on his laptopHTML tags are unseen text that highlights the important parts of your website. These allow users to find your content and for search engines to give it a higher or lower ranking. Google and others have developed algorithms that have reduced the influence of a tag. However, using it still provides you with an edge over the competition.

Experts on SEO in Utah cite the following essential tags to get ahead of your competitors.

Meta Description

This short text provides users with a snippet of your page’s content. It allows potential visitors to determine if your site matches their query and provides an answer to it. It also occupies a significant part of the results page. Write a paragraph that contains keywords, be as descriptive as possible, and include a call-to-action.

Title Tag

This tag provides potential visitors with a glimpse of what the content of your page is. Search engines are now capable of determining the content in a website without title tags. However, they are still useful when it comes to ranking higher. Keep it within 70 characters long, integrate one or two keywords to make it specific, and make sure that it matches what’s inside your pages.

Canonical Tags

If you have a couple of pages with similar content, use this tag to tell Google and others which page should be a priority. It also tells search engines that the content of those pages isn't the same. If search engines tag them as duplicates, you'll see a drop in your ranking. Another benefit of using these is that it prevents cannibalization among your pages. For example, a less important page cannibalizes the traffic and ranking of a more important one.

These are only some of the HTML tags to include in your website’s pages. Implement these to gain a competitive advantage, keep your sites from cannibalizing each other, and tell search engines that their content is not the same.

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