Expand Your Hospitality and Tourism Education in Singapore

Expand Your Hospitality and Tourism Education in Singapore

City of SingaporeTaking up a course in a university requires a student to think deeply and consult with people who could give them good advice. Choosing the right course for you could help create your future career in an industry that requires your skill and expertise.

Singapore has become an education hub in the tourism industry. With its many tourist attractions, the island-nation has become educational prime real estate, with universities offering a broad spectrum of hospitality and tourism courses in Singapore.

Tourism and Hospitality Services

Tourism is a booming industry worldwide. Business establishments such as restaurants, parks, casinos, nature reserves, hotels, motels, and other tourist attractions are all part of this industry. If your interests fall into this category, this industry allows you to find fulfilment in a job where service and satisfaction are essential factors.

Tourism courses include Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism and Leisure Management, Conference and Events Management, Club and Gaming Management, Hospitality Operations Management, and Destination Management and Planning.

These courses cover different aspects of the industry, from management, providing services, to planning and development. Some schools offer accounting, marketing, and business management to give their students a broad understanding of what is needed in the industry.

What Universities Offer

Universities in Singapore offer tourism and hospitality courses that combine core subjects with special courses and lessons in management and behavioural science that gives you a good overview of the industry.

Students also undergo on-the-job training in different settings to help them prepare for real-life situations. You are groomed and equipped with the right knowledge and skills to prepare you for the demands of clients and possible situations that often arise in the industry. Having the skills and knowledge essential to the industry will help students succeed in their chosen field.

If you are interested in broadening your horizons in the tourism industry, choose a university in Singapore that could offer you the specific course you want to enter.

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