Extend Your Summer by Wearing Brightly Colored Winter Clothes

Extend Your Summer by Wearing Brightly Colored Winter Clothes

Girls in bright winter clothingIt’s a fashion convention to wear muted colors and darker hues during winter. When the snow starts to fall, people banish their bright scarves and candy-colored shirts to the depths of their closet and pull out their beige jackets and navy coats.

The gray days do not necessarily mean gray outfits, however. Style is all about expression and innovation, so it shouldn’t stop you from wearing traditionally “summer” colors. In fact, Elaine Turner, a Texas-based fashion brand, claims that lively shades, such as cherry suedes and peacock prints, are stylish all year round. Wearing bold hues could even cheer up a dull look. Here are a few ways to rock summer colors this winter.

Stand Out in Bright Coats and Jackets

A coat is an easy way to add a pop of color to your outfit. Try to steer clear of your black coat and wear its red, yellow, or blue counterpart to really stand out from the crowd. To complete the look, pair it with a simple black top, blue jeans, and nude heels.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Winter calls for warm clothing, which makes it the perfect excuse to layer your clothes. Harper’s Bazaar recommends pulling an orange dress — a summer staple — over a gray or black sweater. You could also try Stylishme.com’s technique of pairing a brightly colored blouse with a bold scarf while leaving the rest of the outfit in neutral colors.

Make a Statement with Bold Accessories

If you’re not a fan of bold coats and dresses, you could still add a dash of summer by using your accessories. Try pairing your favorite neutral ensemble with a primary-color bag. A chunky necklace could also spice up your winter look. On colder days, you could wear a statement scarf over a sweater with a muted design. Statement shoes could do the trick, too. Invest in red winter boots so you could pair it with your favorite neutral outfit.

A word of caution, though. Although it could be refreshing to add a pop of color during the colder months, don’t go overboard with how much “summer” you introduce to your outfit. Balance is key when creating an outfit that works. So, choose which part of your ensemble will be the bright center of attention, and let the rest of the outfit’s elements just complement it.

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