Fun Party Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday

Fun Party IdeasFocusing too much on elaborate birthday party decors can take away the fun from your kid’s birthday. Instead of investing on decors, make your kid happy with fun party ideas for him and his friends.

Nothing comes close to the enjoyment of kids when they celebrate their birthdays with friends (a.k.a. classmates, playmates, neighbors, boring adults not included). Seeing a classmate appear at the doorway brings a smile that could light up the entire galaxy. As parents, you might want to raise the bar when it comes to celebrating your kid’s birthday. These five fun party ideas will let your kid have a blast on his special day. 

Hero Booth Surprise

What could make kids happier than a DIY hero booth where kids can change into their superhero costumes and feel like real superheroes! Parents provided a step-by-step instruction on how to make this booth that could give kids the best feeling ever. Make sure to have a camera ready when kids beam with pride the moment they step out of the booth in their favorite superhero costumes. 

Up and Down the Trampoline

Listen to the sound of glee as kids jump up and down a round or rectangular trampoline. Try to estimate the number of kids who will be coming over so that you can also get the appropriate round trampoline. The more kids who would be attending, the bigger the trampoline should be. Just make sure you get the details on the maximum number of kids that the trampoline can hold at any given moment. 

Hidden Dollars

Hiding dollar bills inside colored balloons is a great way to get kids to participate. Place a $1 bill inside a balloon, inflate it and scatter it in the party area. The Frugal Girls suggests that the number of balloons with a dollar bill should correspond to your kid’s age. Once kids get the idea that they have to pop the balloons to find the hidden dollars, you just have to prepare for a lot of laughter and popping!

Birthday Treasure Hunt

You don’t need “Jack Sparrow’s” help for this. You can make a DIY treasure map, and hide the treasures for your little guests to find. The map should correspond to the area of your house where the party will be held, or to the venue, in case you’ll be holding your kid’s birthday outside your home. 

Colorful Piñatas

Popping piñatas might be the best way to end your kid’s birthday party. Fill the piñatas with loads of goodies that kids will enjoy. Avoid lollipops and other pointed things, as these could harm children. Once it’s time to pop open the piñata, have that smartphone ready to capture the wonderful moment.

Making your kid happy on his birthday will always be the primary goal. More than the elaborate decors, providing fun party ideas such as a DIY phone booth, trampoline, hidden dollars, treasure hunt and colorful piñatas, is a sure way to make your kid happy on his special day.  

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