Garage to Living Room: Renovation Ideas

Garage to Living Room: Renovation Ideas

Renovation Ideas in AustraliaEmpty garages are a waste of space. When you no longer have a use for your garage, you might as well just turn this into an extension of your home. You can use this space as your new living room. This type of renovation may seem like a simple task, but it can spell trouble if you are not careful. Here are some important things to accomplish when you plan to extend your living space.

Plan a design and get the permit

Even if the construction may seem small, you may still need to get a permit from your community. Check first the laws regarding renovations in the community so you do not get into legal trouble. It is best when you already have a plan printed out so you can show the extent of the construction. Depending on the design, you may need to add new water pipelines on existing ones. Adding elevated flooring may help in safely adding pipes underneath your new room.

Get building and clean it up

Once you have the permit, you may start the project with your contractor. They may need to take down existing cabinets or remove items stored in your garage. You do not have to turn the garage door into a concrete wall. You can stick to the original look of the exterior, but with a more stable wooden wall. Some may simply add a large glass window in place of the old garage door. After the renovation, you may be left with some old items from the garage or some leftovers from the construction. Call for skip bin rentals in Murdoch and dispose all the trash from the renovation, advises.

Extending your living space is a smart way of putting your assets to good use. It may even increase the resale value of your house.

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