Give New Shine and Purpose to Old Jewellery Pieces

Give New Shine and Purpose to Old Jewellery Pieces

Old Jewellery

Jewellery has always been an investment and a popular heirloom choice. It comes to no surprise that your grandmother would choose to pass down her jewellery to you.

While jewellery may hold sentimental value, some pieces can appear old and dated. They are certainly not something you might wear on a daily basis. Rather than leaving them unused and inside your jewellery box, consider giving them a new lease on life.

Here is what you can do with dated jewellery you do not use:

  1. Sell Them

Some jewellery may be too expensive to repair or to replace. Rather than throwing it away, consider putting it up for auction online. You may be surprised at how many people are interested in your jewellery and you may even earn a little money in the process.

  1. Re-cast Them

If you do not want to dispose of your jewellery because of its sentimental value, find a jewellery store in the UK that provides jewellery-casting services. This is a good way to update the original piece without having to change its design completely.

  1. Use Them as Home Decor

Big pendants, chains and other pieces can be used as home décor. Unleash your creative side and attach your jewellery to wall clocks, vases and other home furniture to give it a completely new feel.

  1. Use Them as Embellishments

Raid your closet and see how your jewellery can bring new life to your clothes, bags and shoes. Even the smallest piece, if attached to just the right spot, can truly stand out.


Do you have your own jewellery recycling tricks under your sleeve? If not, unleash your creative side and the inner merchant within you. Use these tricks and give new life to your old jewellery pieces in various ways.

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