Hair Cutting Techniques to Learn by Hairdresser or Barber Students

Hair Cutting Techniques to Learn by Hairdresser or Barber Students

womam having her haircutHair scissors act as the most essential tool in a hairdresser or barber’s arsenal, yet to cut people’s hair the right way, hairdressers and barbers first need to master the different hair cutting techniques. Different techniques produce different results.

Students and apprentices learning how to cut hair can take a look at the guide below for help with their lessons.

Cut a Bob

Some of the cutting techniques that will be the most useful to you are bob-line cutting, scissor or clipper over comb, scissor over fingers, and freehand, given that you can use these techniques in almost every hairdressing or barbering situation.

Bob-line cutting, for example, can be used on people with long hair who want a shorter haircut. You can create the “bob-line” by combing the hair down the neckline and using long hair scissors to cut the hair across

Cut over a Comb

To reduce the volume of hair, the scissor or clipper over comb will be ideal. You can simply use a comb to pick out a wide selection of hair. You can then cut the hair caught in the comb with either a pair of scissors or a clipper, whichever tool is best for the asked for by the customer.

Cut over Your Fingers

You can also use your fingers to grab selections of hair. Called “scissors over fingers”, the technique lets you layer horizontally or vertically. You simply pick a selection, pinning the hair between your pointer and middle fingers, with the palm facing downwards.

You can then cut the hair but cut only until your second knuckle.

Just Cut

Finally, freehand means what it says. You cut with scissors or clippers freehand, according to the style and haircut your customer wants. You can usually use this technique at the beginning of a haircut; you can freehand to cut a guideline that will help you with the rest of your work.

Learn these four common hair cutting techniques, and you will be well on your way towards hair cutting mastery. As always, practice!

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