Have You Seen the World’s Most Expensive Diamonds?

Have You Seen the World’s Most Expensive Diamonds?

Diamonds On Black BackgroundIndeed, diamonds are forever. The one you might be wearing right now could very well be 3 billion years old. It will still withstand thousands of centuries more. AAA Jewelers, a diamond ring expert in Utah, knows that it is the toughest among all stones. That's why diamonds are rightly the ultimate symbol of timeless, unbreakable love. If you are an enthusiast (or just want to learn more about diamonds), we have compiled a list of jewelry royalties. The following are the most expensive diamonds in the world:

1. Archduke Joseph's $ 21.4 million 76.02-carat diamond in Austria. It was originally discovered in the mines of Golconda, India. One of the oldest in the world, it is reportedly going to a museum, after a phone bidder in Geneva bought the diamond. In 2012, it set the record for the most expensive colorless diamond. This beauty is large, internally flawless and unmounted.

2. The "Perfect Pink". Exceedingly rare, this 14.23-carat diamond ring is worth $23.2 million. Evenly and purely pink, it truly is the prettiest. Discovered in India and auctioned off at Christie's in Hong Kong, it is the most expensive jewelry ever sold in Asia.

3. The 31-Carat Wittelsbach Blue. Found in the 17th Century in India and previously owned by Spanish royalties, this blue diamond with a hint of gray costs $24.3 million. Buyer Laurence Graff decided to recut the diamond to remove its imperfections. However, this was controversial for the alterations reached the point of being unrecognizable. Specialists believe that the history of the rock is part of what makes it so valuable. Wittelsbach Blue has been on display at the Smithsonian in Washington.

The demand for diamond globally will move up to an average annual rate of 5.9% until 2020. Diamonds are forever for their enduring beauty, increasing value, and strength. As such, you can say that diamonds will never go out of style.

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