Here’s How Teens Can Have Gadget-Less Fun with Their Friends in Cornwall

Here’s How Teens Can Have Gadget-Less Fun with Their Friends in Cornwall

a teenager surfingResearch shows that 1 out of 3 UK teenagers spends at least 6 hours a day online. These teens are part of a group called extreme internet users. If you have a teen at home who's always face to face with a screen, you might need to find creative ways to separate them from their gadgets. There are a lot of fun activities for your teenager to do that don't require gadgets. They can visit the interesting historical sites of Cornwall or spend quiet time in the heart of nature in its many valleys. Here are some fun activities your teenager can do with his or her friends that don't require screen time.

1. Go Surfing

Who doesn't love the sand and sea? Cornwall has many golden beaches that have the perfect waves to ride and rip. Each beach has their own set of well-trained surfing instructors for first-timers. Teenagers can always get a kick out of learning a new sport with friends.

2. Watch a Play in the Open-Air Theatre

For teens who have a passion for theatrical arts, watching a play at the Minack Theatre will definitely be an experience. This theatre is carved into a cliff of granite which offers a rustic and wonderful theatrical experience.

3. Experience a Festival of Arts and Literature

May is a wonderful month for your teen to brush up on their art and literature knowledge as the Isles of Scilly celebrate the arts of all 5 islands. There are art workshops, plays, and musical performances all month long, enough to entertain and educate your teen and his or her friends.

Remember that spending too much time on gadgets has numerous, proven ill effects on the brain and the social abilities of teens. Encourage them to step out of the house and spend time with their friends. Teach them that direct human relationships are still better than getting the most likes on social media.

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