How Much Should You Pay For Professional Furnace Installation?

How Much Should You Pay For Professional Furnace Installation?

Professional furnace installationAmericans should expect to pay between $2,526 and $6,075 for professional furnace installation, although this costs $4,243 on average in the country.

If you’re only considering a new furnace because you have a broken one, it may be cheaper to pay for furnace repair. In Utah, the price will depend on where you are in the state. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC explains that the rates in the suburbs could be more affordable.

Furnace Types

The type of furnace you want to install at home will be a major factor in determining the overall price. Electric types cost at least $670 with low-maintenance requirements. You won’t need to put storage tanks or special vents as well.

On the other hand, gas furnaces cost at least $1,200. It may be more expensive, but it’s perfect for those who want to control their utility expenses. Families that live in areas with severe winter weather should consider gas over electric furnaces, which would need to operate more during these months. Hence, your energy bills would considerably be more expensive.

Winter Preparation

Preparing for the upcoming winter doesn’t only involve having a functional furnace. You could check for high carbon monoxide levels at home using an alarm system. Some products only require batteries for this.

You won’t need your air-conditioner for a long time, so make sure they are removed and stored away. If you have a permanently installed unit, you could protect it with a special cover. Seal cracks and holes on windows with rope caulk, which is cheaper and less noticeable than plastic.

The actual cost of a furnace installation will depend on how much you’re willing to spend and the type of heating system you want, as well as your location and the size of your house. In some cases, repairing a unit may still be the better option if you can’t afford a replacement in the meantime.

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