How to Enjoy Your Visit to Singapore on a Budget

How to Enjoy Your Visit to Singapore on a Budget

Singapore city skyline at nightDid you know that Singapore is among the most actively thriving cities in the world? Singapore as a country is home to a 156-year-old tropical garden with a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a myriad of amazing tourist attractions. These attractions are the reason the city-state has a stream of tourists coming in every year. You can be one of these lucky visitors without leaving a deep dent on your travel budget.

With little research, you can find lots of information on how to backpack through Singapore at a discount. You can cut costs by eating at affordable joints that serve delicious meals based on restaurant review sites. You can also watch YouTube channels of backpacking vloggers who have managed to tour Singapore at a fraction of the cost. This, coupled with other cost-cutting approaches, and you will be in a position to stay on budget.


Shop around for discount air tickets and book your flight in advance to enjoy lower prices. Book your tickets for off-peak days as tickets tend to be cheaper on certain days of the week. Get an EZ link card for discounted transport around the city. You can also take advantage of the cheap river canoe rides and get around the city while enjoying the scenic boat ride.


The recent millennial backpacking culture has led to the development of capsule hotels where you can rent a bunk bed in a pod share at a minimal cost. Be sure to do your background check and opt for the best options available. Even if you book quality capsule hotels, you will still be boarding at a much cheaper rate than staying at a hotel. Book in advance as the capsule hotels tend to get fully booked.

Tourist attractions

Singapore has tons of free parks and local tourist attraction sites that you can visit. Research about the top hangout joints. Get a detailed pocket size map and bundled passes for parks and landmarks.

Your trip to Singapore is only as good as your preparation. Make sure to check reviews online or ask from people who have travelled to the city before.

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