Improve Typography to Establish Brand and Improve Web Design

Improve Typography to Establish Brand and Improve Web Design

Creating a brand conceptWeb design involves several elements, ranging from layout to color scheme, and you will often find articles regarding mobile optimization, original high-resolution images, or menu design. Although you can definitely improve your website’s design based on the previous elements, you can already improve your website by simply choosing the right typography

The right one on your website includes many other elements that an ad agency here in Utah can help you with, along with this guide:

Establish Brand with Typography

Now, when you think about the right typography, you may think of specific font styles that web users deem readable, but typography goes beyond readability. Of course, typography still does offer the basic service of information transfer to web users who need something out of your website. Typography can go beyond that, however, to represent your brand and image.

Match Typeface with Industry

You can begin choosing the correct typefaces for your website by looking at your industry or niche market. Businesses in your industry or niche market usually use certain typefaces that reflect the nature of their industry. Once you recognize what typefaces are common in your industry, you can choose a similar typeface to reflect your particular business online.

Choose One or Two Typefaces

As you choose typefaces, you can choose around two font families at most, although one font family can be enough. Having different fonts for different parts of your website can only make your website seem unprofessional and unstructured. When you do choose two font families, choose a pair that complements or contrasts each other.

Consider Sizing

In addition to font family choice, you also have to base your typography choice on how well a font style can be read in different sizes. As you can expect many web users to visit your website on their mobile devices, you need a font that can be read on smaller screens. Even on a laptop, the readability of the font still matters.

Customizing the typography alone can contribute to your business brand already, and you will likely find more web users visiting your website.

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