Improving the Oral Health of Your Young Children

Improving the Oral Health of Your Young Children

Child at the DentistHave you been watching what your young children eat and drink? You must be more vigilant now, particularly on sweets and other sugary treats. More children under four years old in the UK have had multiple tooth extractions due to tooth decay.

Data shows that the number of tooth extractions in young children rose almost a quarter, a big jump in a span of 10 years. The Royal College of Surgeons documented 9,206 extractions in 2015 and 2016. This number is higher than the 7,444 reported cases in 2006 and 2007.

If you care about your children's oral health, you will find this guide extremely helpful.

Pain from Tooth Decay

When your child suffers from tooth decay, it may be a painful and traumatic experience for him or her. Your child may be unable to chew and may have trouble sleeping at night because of pain caused by decayed teeth. Multiple tooth extractions may be necessary to ease the pain and resolve the problem.

Reduce the Sugar

You have to take baby teeth health seriously because it can affect your child’s oral health in adulthood. To prevent tooth decay, you can limit the amount of sugary food your children eat. In addition, you have to encourage your children to brush their teeth and make routine visits to an orthodontist in Wimbledon.

Use Open Cups

Watch how your children eat and drink. Dentists recommend the use of open cups for children age 6 months onwards. Open cups encourage proper drinking, help prevent tooth decay, stimulate proper jaw and facial development, and finally, prevent orthodontic problems such as crooked teeth.

Teach How to Chew

You can likewise teach your young children how to chew early on. A recent trend shows babies and children sucking from food pouches. Such an eating habit can delay your child’s chewing action. This delay can cause a variety of orthodontic problems.

As a parent, you are responsible for guiding your children towards achieving and maintaining good oral health. Proper dental care starts at home.

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