Is LinkedIn the New Master of B2B Selling and Marketing?

Is LinkedIn the New Master of B2B Selling and Marketing?

A Phone ScreenFacebook dominates the social media scene in almost every aspect, from business applications to personal use. In fact, a 2015 study shows that 52 percent of marketers choose Facebook as the most important social media platform. LinkedIn, on the other hand, only got 21 percent.

Despite the disparity, LinkedIn is the most business-focused platform and is a part of social media training for businesses. So, what are the things that LinkedIn does better than other platforms?

Professional Networking

Unlike Facebook, which was initially developed for social use and has only recently expanded its scope to more business-related pursuits, LinkedIn’s main purpose is to help people network professionally and let them find other business clients, associates, and colleagues. It is the safest and most professional platform for business-related connections.

A Form of Validation

Professionals who look up your profile or business on LinkedIn can see who how you are growing in your field. It shows your previous affiliations, which also doubles as a way to validate your expertise and experience without blatantly advertising them. This is especially beneficial for law firms and healthcare organizations since it allows users to review the employees’ skills and background.

Non-Intrusive Outreach

LinkedIn users can input their professional information, such as work history, skill sets, position in their current company, specific business interests, and much more on the platform. Other professionals can access this information by simply browsing your profile. This is a form of non-intrusive outreach, as opposed to sending potential clients or employers a private message on Facebook or Twitter.

A Growing Platform

It’s true that Facebook still has the biggest user population. LinkedIn, however, is slowly gaining momentum. In 2016, there were 433 million LinkedIn users, with around106 million unique user visits each month. Around 40 percent of the users check their LinkedIn accounts daily.

LinkedIn is a very effective B2B marketing and sales platform. After all, it’s what it was built for. 

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