More Coworking Spaces in Detroit May Spur Need for Better Landscaping

More Coworking Spaces in Detroit May Spur Need for Better Landscaping

office space building with landscapingBy 2020, mainstream coworking space providers are expected to focus more on the Midwest market. These companies intend to expand shared office space projects in Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis.

This means commercial landscaping services in Detroit may be more relevant in the future, as the trend of coworking spaces has gained traction based on the number of developments rising in the city.

Growing Trend

The reason for companies wanting flexible spaces has to do with the millennial workforce. Younger professionals will comprise 75% of the total labor market in 2030, so it’s not surprising that employers are adjusting to their preferences. This expected growth has led some companies to be proactive in launching new office projects.

Profitability also serves as a factor for the increasing popularity of coworking offices for industry-specific needs, such as the retail market for the Internet of Things. Most developers would need customized space for their research and development work. Another reason is cost-efficiency, especially for startup companies, given the high cost of office rental in urban areas.

Outdoor Landscaping

While coworking spaces gain traction in many parts of the U.S., a survey showed that outdoor workplaces should complement the benefits of flexible offices. The National Association of Landscape Professionals said that the experiential design is one of the current trends for commercial landscaping.

This involves having functional outdoor spaces for a commercial setting, where landscaped areas may include walking and bike paths for employees. A quality landscaping could also allow landlords to charge higher rental rates by up to 7%, according to the NALP.

Detroit’s commercial real estate landlords should consider the benefits of having well-landscaped areas, which would do more than just attracting new tenants. When hiring a professional landscaping company, it’s important to choose one that offers a complete set of services.

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