No to Unhealthy Foods: Outsmart You Cravings

No to Unhealthy Foods: Outsmart You Cravings

unhealthy foodSugary, salty, and unhealthy foods do nothing but sabotage your weight loss efforts. If you’re having a problem shedding weight and keeping it off, it is likely because of the type of foods you usually crave or eat. This only makes it essential to do anything you can to stop or prevent junk and processed food cravings.

Miami medical clinics like Family Medical Clinic Kendall share a few things that can help:

Increase your protein intake

Apart from reducing your appetite and cravings, protein can also help you feel full for longer. It also brings a host of other benefits such as increased fat burning and muscle mass, improved metabolism, and lower blood pressure.

Drink more water

If you suddenly feel tempted to eat anything sugary or unhealthy, try to drink a glass of water first and wait for a few minutes. If the cravings fade away, you might just be thirsty. It is also good to know that there are other benefits of drinking water like helping with weight loss and reducing appetite.

Minimize stress

Too much stress, especially in women, can affect eating behaviors and induce food cravings. It can also raise your cortisol (stress hormones), which is linked to high blood pressure and weight gain (especially belly fat). Check out this article for tips on fighting and managing stress.

Eat proper meals

Eating healthy foods at mealtimes allows your body to get the nutrients it needs. This can prevent hunger and cravings right after eating. If you feel a sudden urge to eat a snack, be sure to reach for something healthy like veggies, fruits, or nuts.

Distract yourself

If you feel a craving, try to do other things to shift your attention onto something else. You can take a walk, read a book, or take a shower. You should also know that cravings tend to go away if you wait them out. It is best to stay hydrated.

Avoid skipping meals

Doing so can only make you extremely hungry, which increases the chances of overeating or craving for unhealthy foods. It is best to avoid skipping meals and have some healthy snacks ready or within reach.

Eat mindfully

This means paying full attention to your food and the way you eat. This also involves eating and chewing slowly, taking small bites/ portions, and savoring food as you eat. Mindful eating can help you distinguish cravings from actual hunger.

Don’t let cravings take you over. Be sure to avoid shopping for unhealthy foods or going to the supermarket when you’re hungry. You can also benefit from talking to a family doctor or visiting a medical clinic for beating your cravings or living healthily.

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