Outside the Classroom: How Extracurricular Activities Benefit Students

Outside the Classroom: How Extracurricular Activities Benefit Students

Happy Child Holding A Ball, Book, And GuitarExtracurricular activities (ECA) are the right kind of extra. There are a couple of hours to fill in between school hours and going home for dinner, and it provides an opportunity for students to engage in other activities that might interest them. Art classes, sports clubs, or even Kumon; these are but some of a wide range of extracurricular activities students can enroll in, and their benefits just as numerous.

Benefits of ECAs

In the classroom, students focus on learning through books, lectures, and whatever else their curriculum states. St. Edward Integrated School in Cavite believes in holistic excellence when it comes to their students’ academics, and it is an outstanding approach. For after-school hours, however, that is another story.

ECAs provide additional lessons and experiences for students to learn and grow. They can teach a student to manage their time well and sort out their priorities. Balancing school work and ECAs may be tough, but it provides life lessons that students need when they grow older.

Students can also discover the different activities that might interest them. ECAs are so diverse that it would be almost impossible for students not to find something they are passionate about. Once they learn what it is and dedicate their time and effort to it, they gain a sense of fulfillment.

ECAs are also an excellent teacher of social skills. Participating in an extracurricular program lets students interact with others who share their interests. Learning to socialize and interact with others is a much-needed skill, especially when they become independent and start a career.

Impact of ECAs in Adulthood

Though ECAs are not a part of a student’s QPI or GPA, they are just as helpful in readying them for a life outside of school. ECAs can make a huge difference in a student’s adult life. From applying for college to applying for a job, ECAs add a nice touch of experience and story to their resume. Most employers no longer look for just academic performance because they need people who are skilled enough to get the job done.

Parents should be the first to encourage their children to go the extra mile and participate in an extracurricular activity. After all, what they gain from it will benefit throughout their life.

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