Parking Lot Dangers: Keeping Women Safe

Parking Lot Dangers: Keeping Women Safe

Parking lotRobberies and abductions in parking lots are a common sight in thriller movies and TV shows. These cinematic scenarios are not too far from reality, though, since parking lot crimes occur on a regular basis across America.

While the presence of closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) makes parking lots safer, it doesn’t mean you can lower your guard. You should always be aware of your surroundings and buy a stun gun, pepper spray, and other personal protection devices for added safety.

Skip Using Your Phone and Earphones

Assailants want to catch their victims off guard, so they will not have any chance to use their pepper spray, stun gun, or personal alarm noisemaker. They also go for people who are alone, with children, or carrying an arm-full of things.

Don’t use your phone and don’t listen to music while walking back to your car so you can stay alert. If you have a load of stuff to carry or have kids around, ask a security guard to escort you.

Walk in the Middle of the Aisles

Assailants find different ways to target their victims, and deserted parking lots and garages make it easier for them to do exploit the terrain. Parked cars, for example, provide ideal hiding spots. The predator can crouch between cars so they can easily close in on you without you noticing.

Avoid taking the stairs and elevators since they deprive you of possible escape routes. Walk in the middle of the aisles and ramps instead and always be aware of your surroundings. Furthermore, make sure your pepper spray or stun gun is visible — it will discourage an attacker from pursuing their plans.

Women are seen as easy targets for robberies in parking lots, but it doesn't have to be so. Stay aware of your surroundings when walking back to your car, especially if you’re alone at night. Walk in the middle aisles and always keep your pepper spray and stun gun ready to avoid becoming a victim.

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