Planning a Warm and Perfect Winter Wedding

Planning a Warm and Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter wedding. Beautiful young couple in the woods.While many weddings take place in the summer, the cold winter season can also be a magical and memorable time of the year to hold your big day. For instance, as Chestnut Mountain Resort and other seasoned travelers say, you and your spouse-to-be can be united in a mountain resort lodge near Chicago amidst all the snow — as long as you plan matters right. You can have a wonderful winter wonderland wedding with everyone snug and warm.

Light Your Wedding Up

Lighting can enhance the ambience of the ceremony and reception as well as accentuate the warmth of the spaces. You can use candelabras, fairy lights, and candles. As long as you mix lighting up and place them strategically, you can keep yourselves and your guests snug all throughout the occasion.

To embrace the winter setting, you can place a large fire pit or several small ones where your guests can gather around and enjoy the season. The natural flames can also make your wedding more romantic. All of you can stay warm as well.

Warm People Up with Cocktails

Do you know another way to keep yourselves and your guests warm? Cocktails, of course! During the reception, you can give out warming cocktails to keep the cold away. You can go with tried and tested mixtures, or you can have a personalized cocktail made that symbolizes you and your spouse-to-be.

Prepare for the Cold

The outfits also serve to keep everyone warm. Although your guests or bridesmaids can wear lighter clothing once inside the wedding venue (where the heat is turned up), you can have them wear coats when outdoors. Sneakers or boots can also be helpful in getting around, especially when the women will be wearing heels.

Keep Heat at Right Levels

Now, as much as you and your guests need to stay warm, you can keep the heat from going too high. This principle applies especially during the dance. When your guests or yourselves begin to sweat, you know you have to turn the heat down a little.

With careful planning and the tips above, you can definitely nail the winter wedding of your lifetime.

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