Planning a Wedding for the Books: An Island Destination

Planning a Wedding for the Books: An Island Destination

Wedding Set Up On An IslandEvery love story is different, so why not switch up the traditional wedding program for one that reflects what you really want?

A destination wedding on an island is the best choice if you want an intimate and unforgettable affair with the people dearest to you. It even includes a tropical scenery, accommodations, and activities — things you need to calm those pre-wedding jitters.

On top of that, as mentioned on, an island wedding will be the subject of conversations for years to come.

Here’s why an island wedding is good for you.

Filtering Out the Guest List

You might expect 139 guests in a traditional wedding. But you can cut the number of guests significantly with a destination wedding. An island wedding filters out the acquaintances, colleagues, and relatives you’re not keen to invite but feel an obligation to extend one.

Moreover, an island wedding is at least a few days long. It isn’t the usual four-hour flurry of congratulations in traditional venues. So you can truly enjoy the moment with the family and friends who truly care about your happiness. Not to mention, it is your chance to spend time with the future in-laws and win them over (if you haven’t already).

Leaving the Stress at Home — Both Your Homes

A destination wedding is a great idea if you and your future spouse are not from the same hometown, state, or country. It means both parties are meeting in the middle, with neither having the home-court advantage.

And since you’re all flying in from where you actually live, you get to leave all the wedding details to on-site staff. You no longer have to rush from one florist, caterer, or photographer to another to get everything right. You can just leave it all to the organizer, approve what needs approval, and focus on the occasion.

Having Two Honeymoons

Think of it this way: the island wedding, no matter how pampered your wedding party feels throughout the affair, is only the pre-game to your actual honeymoon. This means you get to spend more time with your future spouse, getting to know a different side of them when you’re with the people who matter most and getting to know each other even better in the trip that follows.

If you and your future spouse want a worry-free wedding, consider having it on an island. Apart from an intimate guest list, it gives you twice the adventure at half the worries.

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