Practical Tips for the Care and Maintenance of Scissors

Practical Tips for the Care and Maintenance of Scissors

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For any hairdresser, investing in the right tools is one of the essential steps to a successful career. Getting high-quality hairdressing scissors in the UK is usually not the hard part, but maintaining them is. Proper care of your set of shears ensures that you can use them for a long time, so you can get value for your money. It protects both barbers and hairdressers from problems such as: Pulling or catching hair when cutting, hair pinching or bending when blades close, scissors feeling rough and unsteady when cutting, and hair slides towards the scissors tip when cutting.

Some of the causes of dullness and damage to your scissors which you should check include unwashed or dirty hair, dry or coarse hair, hair that’s chemically treated, and leaving your scissors in disinfectant for too long.

If maintained properly, scissors can help you achieve your hairstyling dreams. Take some time to study the manufacturer's instructions on how to properly maintain scissors, but you could also use the following suggestions.

1. Use an experienced sharpener service to sharpen and rebalance your scissors.

2. Protect your scissors from falls by covering them up. Close the blades when scissors are not in use.

3. Wipe the scissors after use every time to reduce chemical build-up. This build-up will hinder the performance of your scissors.

4. Lubricate your scissors after cleaning and drying. To lubricate, open the scissors at an angle of 90 degrees. Pour a drop of oil into the part where the scissors pivot.

5. Use only the oil designated for scissors lubrication. Other oils will leave a sticky residue that will slow down the performance of your scissors.

6. Balance your scissors on a regular basis. Unbalanced scissors cause hair bending, user fatigue and wear and tear on the edges of the scissors.

7. Do not use the scissors to cut anything else other than hair to avoid blunting them.

As a hairstylist or barber, make sure you are using the right tools and taking good care of them. Doing so will make your scissors will give you a return on your investments.

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