Reiki – The Pick Me Up Therapy Anyone Can Learn

Reiki – The Pick Me Up Therapy Anyone Can Learn

A woman receiving Reiki treatmentFeeling stressed, run down and lethargic? They are common complaints in today's busy, high pressured world. Reiki therapy offers a way to re-energize and can be self-administered as many times as needed for soothing relaxation.

Reiki therapy helps to re-balance body and mind.  It's simple and easy to learn so that any Reiki practitioner can not only treat clients but can also treat themselves at home whenever the need arises.

More than one in four Americans say they have felt stressed in the last month and half the adult population say they have dealt with a major stress in the last year. The Holmes and Rahe Stress scale indicates that death of a spouse, divorce and separation are some of life's most stressful experiences and they are sadly something many of us face.  Pressure from work and balancing family life are also sources of anxiety that are regularly faced.  In this fast paced world, Reiki therapy offers a tool that anyone can use to help ease anxiety and depression. It may even ease physical pains too, like tension headaches or back pain.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing modality.  By the laying on of hands, energy is transferred into the person that needs healing. This universal life energy is present in everybody and can be harnessed to assist the mind and body in its innate ability to self-heal.

Students of a Reiki level 1 or Reiki level 2 course from Vagabond Temple will be able to learn this method of healing and can then self-administer it or use it on their friends, family or even pets.  Reiki is easy to learn, can be taught over a weekend and used by the individual whenever he needs it.

Guided Meditation and More

At a Reiki course, the student will learn energy exercises and guided meditation to help them use life energy to heal. Meditation is a particularly powerful tool.  Not only will it enable the person to shut off the stresses of the day and become deeply relaxed, it will also boost the sense of self.

Reiki is a hands on energy therapy that utilizes the body's own ability to heal, can be self-administered easily and is a helpful tonic to ease stress or aches and pains. Why not try it and see what it could do for you?

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