Roles of Doctors and Nurses in the ER

Roles of Doctors and Nurses in the ER

Doctor and nursesThe emergency department personnel are the front liners in hospitals. They are the ones who first see patients with various concerns and ailments. With their training in emergency medicine, they are also the ones who save the lives of patients experiencing severe illness or those who encountered accidents.

Emergency Medicine involves the care for unscheduled patients with injuries or disease requiring immediate attention. As first-ling providers, doctors and nurses are responsible for assessing the patients and providing the needed interventions to relieve the pain or discomforts of their clients.

They also have three major roles, and they are the following:

Assess and cater to undifferentiated patients

In the ER, a majority of the patients are unscheduled or undifferentiated. This means that they are there because of an urgent need of medical attention. It is the role of doctors and nurses to assess and see these patients, diagnose them and provide initial treatment.

When the hospital needs emergency medicine or ER staffing, they hire doctors and nurses to fill up vacancies, sometimes from emergency staffing companies. The emergency room should always be equipped with the adequate number of staff.

Prioritize care based on its critical nature

The doctors and nurses are knowledgeable with triage, a term used in the prioritization of cases based on their critical nature. They will prioritize serious conditions needing prompt treatment. By doing this, they make sure that all patients will be taken care of based on the urgency of their situation.

Stabilize the patient’s condition

The main responsibility of emergency room personnel is to stabilize the patient’s condition by treating the acute problem. However, if the patient needs further treatment, it is also the emergency staff’s role to refer the patient for admission. For mild cases, the patient undergoes discharge.

Emergency doctors and nurses live in a chaotic world of the ER. They are the ones who cater to the patients first upon arrival in the emergency room. They save lives, and without them, there will be no one in the hospital to provide the needed emergency care to injured or ill patients.

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