Safe SMS Marketing: Protecting Your Customer’s Data

Safe SMS Marketing: Protecting Your Customer’s Data

Mobile MarketingSMS marketing is one of the most cost-efficient campaigns in the industry. Mobile users read over 97% of text messages within the first four minutes with a 30% average response rate. It may seem like a small-scale strategy, but its far-reaching capabilities enable businesses to tap their customers with minimal effort. The question is: are SMS marketing strategies secure?

Lock It In

Cyber security has always been a risk for modern businesses. The Internet has given birth to a number of information leakage incidents, and customers have learned to be cautious. Since SMS marketing requires you to deal with personal mobile numbers, it is important to place a virtual padlock over your customers’ personal information.

On your browser URL, you will see a small green padlock icon that indicates you have established a private connection between your web server and your visitor’s web browser. Once your customers entrust their mobile numbers to you through your website, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate assures them that there is no possibility of a hacker tampering with their personal information.

Get a Trusted SMS Provider

It is your responsibility to choose which SMS provider to work with. In ensuring the safety and security of your customers’ date, you will have to find out if your chosen provider was certified by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore. The country’s initiative to strengthen their cyber security encourages businesses to uphold safety standards, assuring customers that their mobile numbers are safe.

The safety process doesn’t end there, though. Do your own research and find out if your SMS provider regularly tests their own security walls. A preliminary certification is alright but revisiting the security system ensures that their customer data protection contains no points-of-weakness.

SMS marketing is the least invasive marketing strategy out there. Yet it could still be subject to massive cyber security breaches. Keep your customers’ personal information safe, and you’ll have no problem gaining their confidence in your business.

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