Safety Gear You Should Have When You Go Skiing for the First Time

Safety Gear You Should Have When You Go Skiing for the First Time

a couple going on a ski dateSkiing and snowboarding have become popular winter sports. Thanks to different skiing camps, newbies can now learn the basic skills with proper guidance. Today, many families consider these activities as weekend hobbies.

While skiing can be fun, safety should always come first. Pedigree Ski Shop recommends finding a reliable store that offers the right gear and accessories. Other than vests and jackets, here are some of the basic items you should have:

Wrist Protectors

Fractured arms and wrist sprains are among the common injuries in skiing and snowboarding. This is mainly because of the instinctive reaction when you anticipate a fall. Some beginners may also experience numbness or tightness on their wrist due to a bad grip. Wearing the right size of wrist protectors can help prevent these injuries.

Knee Guards

Even professionals don’t go to the skiing tracks without knee guards. In this sport, you need to carry the weight of your upper body. This means you need to maximize those lower extremities. With all that weight and constant motion, it's advisable to wear knee guards at all times. Experts recommend having an extra cushion or the “squidgy” types for better stability and control.

Protective Shorts

Wearing padded shorts provides more support to the coccyx and vertebrae. It also helps prevent thigh and hip injuries when taking a hard fall. Another good thing about these specially designed shorts is the extra warmth they provide. They also make your muscles more flexible and help prevent cramps and strains.

These are just some of the basic but important items you should wear when you go skiing. It's always better to be safe than deal with injuries and other problems.

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