Ski Gear You Can Rent at the Resort

Ski Gear You Can Rent at the Resort

Ski GearUnless you’re into skiing as a sport or you train regularly, investing in ski gear can get quite expensive. The buying doesn’t stop with your outfit; you need protective gear in numerous layers along with accessories and footwear.

That’s why renting is such a good idea. But, how do you know what pieces you’re supposed to rent or borrow? What if you don’t know anyone the same size as you?

Here you’ll find a list of the best Vail ski clothes that are better to rent than to buy outright. You not only save money, but you also get pieces that are sure to keep you warm and protected:

  1. Ski jacket and pants.

It’s actually better to rent your outermost clothing since you’re going to be wearing them above all your other layers. Don’t ever think that a sturdy pair of jeans and a thick top can protect you — you’re going to end up soaking and sick if you aren’t properly protected.

2. Gloves.

Sorry, you can’t use your usual leather gloves — you need something sturdier and waterproof. Ski gloves you can get at Vail ski shops are tried and tested. Let the store reps tell you which one you should choose, especially if you’re skiing for extended periods.

3. Guards and goggles.

A pair of sunglasses is not going to cut it when you’re sitting on a chair in the frozen air or going down the slopes fast. What’s more, you might lose your $300 sunglasses if you’re not careful! Who knows if you can find it under all that snow? Guards for your wrist are also important, especially if you’re snowboarding. You’re going to hurt yourself one way or another — guards can lessen the damage.

Make sure that the gear you rent (or buy) is waterproof — otherwise, it doesn’t make sense it get them. Buy the rest of your things, but make sure that you rent your outerwear, gloves, guards and goggles.

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