Spooky and Sweet: 3 Ways to Spend Your Halloween as a Couple

Spooky and Sweet: 3 Ways to Spend Your Halloween as a Couple

Vampire and witch opening a doorHalloween isn’t just for kids; it's also for adults who love a good scare, especially with a significant other. Make the most of this season and spend more time holding each other. Enjoy the most frightful time of the year with these three activities.

1. Go on a Haunted Hayride

Instead of making caramel apples at home, you can seek adventure in Minnesota with a haunted hayride. Instead of the usual picturesque tour through an orchard, experience the terror of a haunted forest. It’s the best way to get closer to one another as creatures lurk in every trail and unseen beasts move through tall grass.

It won't matter if you're wearing a costume or not, as long as you don't get off that tractor. This immersive experience may just be one of your best Halloween activities. And don’t hold out on the screams.

2. Visit a Haunted House

A haunted house is another worthy escapade for you and your significant other. Hold on tight and don't let go when ghosts and reanimated corpses come chasing after you. Some of the best experiences feature bone-chilling houses and not just gruesome characters who leap out of nowhere.

But Minnesota also has some actual dark and scary locations. These are places where unspeakable events have happened, and restless souls forever haunt them. Check out the Palmer House Hotel, where poltergeist activity has been recorded and the Warden's House, which is now a museum.

3. Watch a Scary Movie

Going to the cinema to see a scary movie may be the right date for you and your partner if you think you can't handle haunted hayrides or houses. Add a twist to your Halloween date night by wearing a couple's costume. You can go for something cheesy as an Oreo costume or go the pop culture route with Gamora and Star-Lord.

Halloween is the perfect time for you and your significant other to spend some exciting time together. Make the most out of it with immersive experiences that will stay with you.

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