The Benefits You Can Enjoy with a Fixed Rate Mortgage

The Benefits You Can Enjoy with a Fixed Rate Mortgage

Approved Mortgage ApplicationA fixed rate home loan is one of the more popular mortgage products today. Unlike with an adjustable rate mortgage, your monthly payments do not fluctuate. This is ideal for people who want more stable monthly payments because you can easily project and budget your regular amortization.

Fixed Rate for the Entire Loan Term

As the name suggests, the interest rate for a fixed rate home mortgage is pegged at a specific rate for the duration of the loan. Thus, you know how much money you need to prepare each month for loan repayment. You can rest assured that your monthly installments will remain the same through the life of the loan, regardless of whether the prevailing interest rate goes up or down.

Higher Rate at the Start

At the time of availing the loan, the interest rate for a fixed rate loan is, in general, higher than that of an adjustable rate mortgage. The good thing is, you don’t have to pay more if the interest rate increases. You may consider refinancing your loan if prevailing interest rates continue to be low.

Easy to Budget

If you are earning a fixed monthly income or on a strict budget, a fixed rate home mortgage is ideal for you. If you know your cash flow well, you can manage your finances more efficiently. You won’t have to worry about possible increases in your monthly payments even when there is inflation. This offers peace of mind as well.

Some lenders offer fixed rates for a specific timeframe before your loan reverts to an adjustable rate at the end of the period. Sometimes, there are options to extend the fixed rate further. If you are a first-time home buyer and you are not certain if you can afford hikes in interest rates in the future, then you can avail of a fixed rate loan first for a shorter term of 10 years.

If you still don’t think you can handle bigger interest payments, you can request to extend the terms. You can switch to a mortgage with an adjustable interest rate, when necessary.

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