The Essential Guide in Choosing the Best Keywords for Your Book

The Essential Guide in Choosing the Best Keywords for Your Book

Woman inside libraryKeywords are the best way for both readers and stores to understand your book's context. When you're giving your book a specific keyword, you're almost giving it its own identity. You can also make your book more discoverable with keywords.

It's almost like a unique scent that gets picked up by a search engine, putting it on its list. So, if you choose your keyword wisely, chances are you're also making your book more enticing to your target audience. But how do you select the right keyword for your book?

Be specific and be true to its content

Use words that are true to your book's content, not what you consider is popular. So, when choosing keywords, use specific such as “low-fat cookbook.” Doing so will help your book get attention from people who are looking for a specific kind of cookbook.

Create a short and clear phrase

You can string a few words together to create a short and clear phrase that will describe your book's content. These set of keywords will help map with what your audience will most likely type into the search engine when they're trying to find a book.

Always remember to use a set of keywords in the same way that a typical customer might use them.

Try to test your keywords

Now, you may try going to the eCommerce bookstores where you're selling your book. Try to type down the words that you carefully pick to describe your book. Did you notice the dropdown window? Those words are the most highly suggested keywords when readers try to find a book.

It's also a great source for authors who are trying to get the keywords for their beloved book!

These are just some of the tips on how to choose the best keywords to describe your book. Always remember to select the right set of keywords that will best represent your book's content. Always stay true to what you wrote and expect the fruit of your labor in return.

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