Things to Do to Avoid Tanning Mistakes

eautiful woman sitting by the pool applying tanning lotionTanning mistakes happen for both the experienced and the first-timer. It's just the thing with tanning--one wrong move or application, and you'll get stained sheets or an uneven tan. But if you get it right, the results are worth it.

To minimize the possibility of making tanning mistakes, remember these:


The body tanning product stains your skin. If you have dry skin, the tan will stick in patches and give you unevenly tanned skin. It stops the process from giving you a result that's truly natural, and you might even get comments on how badly the job was done. To avoid all this, Bali Body recommends you exfoliate and moisturize your skin before applying the tanning product, and moisturize after, to keep the skin from fading fast.

Dress Appropriately

Yes, for some of the procedure you will not be dressed at all if you plan to tan your whole body, but while waiting for the color to develop, you may need to do regular tasks. Some products need to be left overnight to develop, and even if you decide to not bother with clothes, you still don't want to stain your sheets. Be mindful of the product on your body and how it might leave stains on any material.

Note the Developing Time

If you've already done this a couple of times, you already know how to manage your time while waiting for the tan to develop. Know how much time is needed to apply the product on the body and to wait for the color to develop, so you'll know when the best time for application is. Some do it before going to bed, waking up to a tanned body. If you're new to this, you might want to be awake as the color develops, to see if it is developing properly.

Tanning has a lot of advantages. It makes your skin look healthier, and you look slimmer. Now, just make sure you do it right.

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