Three Qualities Every Preschool Teacher Must Have

Three Qualities Every Preschool Teacher Must Have

Student and preschool teacherJust like any other profession, teaching children is a very rewarding task. Compared to other jobs, however, a sense of worry arises when you realise you are raising the next generation of thinkers, workers and even teachers. This is why it is very important for every preschool teacher to possess three traits:


Having patience is crucial in teaching children. Standing in a room of kids with varying developmental skills may require a level of maturity that comes with staying composed despite the difficulties of teaching.

Aside from constantly reminding young kids about their manners and behaviour, preschool teachers also have to deal with tricky situations such as giving sanctions or meeting the students’ parents. Possessing great patience and keeping everything under control is vital under these circumstances.

Happy Disposition

Keeping a happy disposition is also an important quality of a preschool teacher. In fact, a vibrant personality is one of the traits that education recruitment companies in London look for in potential teachers. Smiling a lot and delivering lessons in a friendly manner help in earning the trust and affection of young children.

Good Communicator

It is important for preschool teachers to be effective communicators. No matter the subject, you need to learn to communicate in a simple and approachable language that children will immediately understand. Knowing how to use visual cues is also helpful in communicating properly to the students.

At the same time, you also need to communicate the students’ achievements, skills, and needs effectively to their folks. Helping the preschooler to learn new things is a combined effort of both teachers and parents.

Teaching preschoolers is not just a job – it is a passion. Aside from possessing a heart for teaching, you need to have qualities that will push your career forward and help mould the stars of the next generation.

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