Types of Diamond Cuts with the Most Sparkle

Types of Diamond Cuts with the Most Sparkle

different cuts of diamondsThere exist four key factors that influence your choice of diamond jewelry. These include the diamond’s cut, clarity, carat, and color. A diamond’s cut denotes its finish, symmetry, proportions, and polish. It's one of the critical determinants of the brilliance of your diamond.

There are various cuts you'll come across at diamond jewelry stores in LIC. Each cut reflects light differently, and this determines its amount of sparkle and price. Here are the standard types of diamond cuts used for jewelry.

Round Cuts

These are the most admired diamond cuts and are considered the classic cut. A round cut has the highest sparkle compared to other diamond cuts due to its numerous facets, which bounce light from the bottom to the top and back and forth for a dazzling look. The yellow tints and flaws in yellow cut diamonds are also less visible compared to other cuts.

Oval Cuts

Though an oval cut closely resembles a round one, its elongated size creates the illusion of a larger diamond size. It's a favorite cut for those with thin fingers and small hands since the large illusion creates an elongating effect. Marquise, heart, and pear shapes are all variations of the oval cut. The pear cut is renowned for its use in diamond pendants and earrings.

Rectangular and Square Cuts

The most popular rectangular and square cuts are the emerald, Asscher, cushion, and radiant cuts. An emerald cut features truncated corners while an Asscher cut is square-shaped. The princess cut is square-shaped and typically features depth percentages of 70-80% to maximize the stone’s sparkle.

Other elements will influence the sparkle of your diamond cut key among them being the distribution of your stone’s facets. Settle for evenly distributed and adequately measured facets to negate and darken areas in your diamond, which will affect its light reflectivity.

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